News and Updates

SEDS Build Day

We have a SEDS rocket competition update, we can be extended to 10/4 launch date at FAR and have to send in the reports by night of 10/6 so we are going to need all hands on deck!

1st build day will be Monday at 1pm in the EBU1 basement lab area. If anyone is new or forgot just walk around back of the building and you will see a big open door down a hill. We will discuss our gameplan and start building pretty much everyday there forward for as long as it takes.

New Logos!

We now have the official NEW logo of Triton Rocket Club! Big thanks to Trevor Irwin who created the masterpiece!

New Website Layout!

Welcome to out new website! We are currently building a a new website, so bear with us as this site may change frequently. If there are any issues, please post them here on GitHub or email us here.

Our site may seem discontinuous as we are in live development. Send any suggestions through our email. If you are interested in working on development, email us with your github account and we'll add you to the repo.

Teams Page Posted!

The new teams page has been posted! Its still a little rough and is still under development but I wanted to show everyone what I was working on.


Executive Officers

President: Nico Montoya

Vice President: Nathan Woodward

Secretary: Monique McClain

Treasurer: Krishna Gadani

Public Relations: Daniel Kaminski

Corporate Relations: Alex Akopian