About Us

Triton Rocket Club is an undergraduate-led team that designs and launches advanced rockets. The club was founded in fall 2011 to aid students interested in rocketry to gain practical and technical experience as well as help them attain the necessary skills and connections to get internships. Currently, the Triton Rocket Club continues to give students an opportunity to apply the knowledge they have learned in the classroom to real world projects.


  • Speed: 1380 mph, Mach 1.8 - Astraeus

  • Altitude:

    • Rocket: 27,945 ft - Astraeus

    • Balloon: 105,696ft

How to Join

There is a $20 membership fee to join the Triton Rocket Club. This membership fee is to cover the costs of parts, equipment, and other TRC expenses. Prospective members are encouraged to participate in the general body and team meetings to help make the decision about whether they want to commit or not. These meetings are a discussion of what the group is doing and what direction they want to head in. Non-members are allowed to attend any meetings and one build day in order to encourage immediate involvement in the club with the intention of becoming an official member.

Current Officers


TRC President

Yamen Mubarka

Vice President

TRC Vice-President

Luan Nguyen


TRC Treasurer

David Dai


TRC Secretary

James Kasic

Event Coordinator

TRC Event Coordinator

Mia Lucio


Avionics Lead

Yoshiki Takashima

Space Launch Vehicle

SLV Lead

Joseph Anthony


Proplusions Lead

Christian Davis

Range Safety Officer

Range Safety Officer

Sofia Escamilla

Past Honors

We've been here since 2011. Here's a walk down memory lane.